DON’T CALL IT A BREAK (poetry by John Spurgeon)



By John Spurgeon

break up break us up  

Love is blind

Trapped in my mind; still

Certain circumstances

Has been forseen


Feelings green and mutual

On a wear and tear journey

To a time in future

Old, parched and sutured


Mere loving her is no longer enough

I have to commit

Sentiments grow strong

I have to submit


I pause long enough

To take a whiff

Of the dry weather breeze

Watch the position of stars


Pray the memory guides me

Through our cloudy nights


Throw two cowries on the floor

Hope they don’t drift apart

Hope these dreams aren’t malarial

I’ll never walk out of that door


What incantation should I say

To ward off this omen’s approach


It’s fast coming!

Coming fast it is!


Dry spells after stormy nights

Harmattan winds for our sorry sails

Carpet of leaves under my boots

Crunching sounds as we walk away


Don’t call it a break

This is a break up

It’s time to wake up

No need to fake


You never step up

When our friendship is at stake


I guess it’s less important

What more is there to say?

(c) 2015. John Spurgeon. All rights reserved.


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