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We Wish To Inform You – Haruna Adinoyi Yusuf

We Wish to Inform You

We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our family.
This morning, they threatened to shoot us if we tried to run.
They took half of me when they decapitated my teen.
Alas, they choose people at random to slaughter.

I come from a land where we heard bullets.
Even today we still hear bullets.

Here it is blood for blood. Only blood will suffice blood.
You scream, scream and scream;
You can scream your lungs out but no one will hear you.
And when any person dies here no one seems to pay attention
Obama, Liz, Hollande and Putin are eating flowers at lunch on D-Day;
Some poor country must pay the cost tomorrow.
They build on top of us as though we do not exist.
Are we invisible to them?
How do you rebuild a town when you are not sure
Anyone even wants to go back?
If your family is getting droned, then you will probably know
If they are right and wrong.

Israel debates force feeding Palestinian prisoners protesting
Their incarceration without charge or trial.
Czar Putin claims part of Ukraine,
While CC and the khaki men of Thailand steal the show,
And Kabul continually shudders from PTSD.
If I wasn’t here, if the government doesn’t get changed
After five years, my daughter will be here
And they will break her head or shoot her down.

If people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched.