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BOMBS by Haruna Adinoyi

At the filling station.
How could they not
Call us or send us
A text message to
Tell us to evacuate?
Children and women
Scattered under the
Evening sky.
“Is this a holocaust?”
I hear an old cat think.
Well, I don’t want Aaliyah
To wake up just yet.
The playground is Aleppo
And I promised her mother
I would only wake her up
When this madness is ended.
I count the stars at night
And remind myself that
Last night, a crowd of children
Tried to count the stars
But were cut down by
The enemy bullets.
I will not go outside
To count the stars.
I will paint a rose
Where bullet holes frown
In the picture I have of Ahmad.

©2016. Haruna Adinoyi