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While this window stays open
He watches the curtain close
Arms folded like a weak hand
Not for lack of opportunity to enter action

Or the will to get his passions sanctioned
Too many similarities with the failed version
_ of the same play; played for keeps
But like red lights on a one way street

He’d rather pass than have a close call
One he misses badly
Blinking; voicemail on my hotline
For once bitten he’s thrice shy, sadly

Cupid mailed the script
He’d rather study the villain’s role
Antagonise what he feels
like this fear he can’t conquer

Despise his romantic bone for its weakness
History sure do repeats itself
He’d rather fail his audience than fail himself
He’s sworn to rather go up alone than fall!

‘Cause it might be lonely at the top
But at the bottom, grief is multitudinous
And misery’s companions don’t really love
It’s a tough call but he already touched that dial

Too distracted, switching channels
To remember to show up for rehearsals
When the motion lands heavy and the broken meter’s back to zero
Would you be at the square picking the bits and offering him refuge?